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Winter holidays at Rosengarten:  enjoy a relaxing experience in the snow – cross-country skiing in front of the marvelous mountain backdrop.

Cross-country skiing at Rosengarten – winter fun in a romantic scenery

Cross-country skiing in the area around Nova Levante, surrounded by the fascinating Dolomites mountains, is a truly extraordinary experience, a real highlight in winter. Our hotel is the perfect base from which to explore the areas cross-country tracks, which comprise a total of 16 kilometers and offer unforgettable views of the Latemar mountain and Rosengarten. Cross-country skiing is a Nordic sport which is especially efficient and beneficial for your health because it involves almost all muscle groups. A splendid activity in the fresh air, which will keep you fit whilst enabling you to enjoy the wonderful scenery.
  • Frin loop trail, 5 km, easy
  • Lake Carezza loop trail (Angerle Alm), 3 km, easy
  • Frin – Niger – Frin track, 8 km, easy
The use of the tracks is free. Enjoy the calm, breathe the clear air and take in the stunning vistas of the Dolomites and the snow-covered, romantic scenery.

Tips for Cross-Country Skiers:
  • One of the most important qualities for cross-country skiers is balance. There are many simple exercises which you can do at home that will train your balance, such as single leg stance and step exercises.
  • Training with a pulse rate monitor or watch will help you to reach your fitness goals more efficiently, and not to overexert yourself.
  • Breathing is a very important factor for cross-country skiers. Professionals often suggest that you make a deliberate noise when breathing out, similar to the noise children make when imitating cars. This is a good tip that will help you avoid getting a stitch!

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